Why Choose Us?

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Extensive Expertise and Experience Provided to our Students and Clients

After completing our Advanced Bartending and/or Master Mixology Programs, you will find yourself in a fun, new, lucrative career.  In as little as one week, you can earn back the money invested in education with your hourly rate alone.  The Advanced Bartending Program’s extensive lessons provide the knowledge, background and Certificate of Completion so that you enter the industry with confidence.

The Master Mixology Program takes it one step further by including comprehensive lessons on customer service, the do’s and don’ts in the industry (from application process to working in the industry), interview support/tips, resume advising and providing a Certificate of Completion.  In addition, our graduates can email the staffing mentors for additional advice.

We have trained and graduated thousands of highly-qualified students, as well as provide personalized consulting/training packages for hundreds of businesses in the industry for nearly 20 years.  We are proud to say we have helped thousands of students and businesses, so that they can experience success in this fun and exciting industry.

Why Choose Us

  • Training thousands of students and helping hundreds of businesses for nearly 20 years
  • In-depth training programs in Advancing Bartending and Master Mixology available online, so you can complete them at your own pace and in the privacy of your home
  • Certificate of program completions provided
  • Post-graduation mentoring and resume building available (*Master Mixology Program Graduates)
  • Personalized and detailed training/consulting packages available for businesses
  • Full analysis of business on both food and drink, front-of-the-house and back-of-the-house provided

What Students Say

Seattle Bar Consulting truly cares about their students and they do everything they can to help you find a job. I found a job just a couple of weeks after completing the course and I know the certification from them is what gave the employer confidence in my ability to serve. I’d recommend this course and school to anyone in the food service industry.
Shelby Nicoletti, Snohomish
I moved to Seattle from Pennsylvania in 2012 and immediately signed up for class at Seattle Bar Consulting. One week after graduating, I was hired as a bartender on the steamship paddle boat “Queen of Seattle”, a seasonal tour boat with two full bars. In September, with the season winding down, I was hired as a bartender at a wonderful French bistro on Greenwood Avenue.

The bar owner asked me to make him a Manhattan cocktail. Thank you for teaching me how to make a classic cocktail and for instilling in me the confidence to stand before an experienced bar owner and say, “I’m the bartender you want to hire.”

Rick Fisher, Seattle