Bartender vs. Mixologist – What’s the Difference?

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Bartender vs. Mixologist – What’s the Difference?

Agent 007 walks into your bar and orders a martini on the rocks – ‘shaken not stirred’, of course. His wholesale mlb jerseys piercing blue eyes read your every move, and though you’re not sure if a martini is supposed to be shaken rather than stirred, you obey his request without consideration – of course.

You won’t find a significant difference between ‘bartender’ and ‘mixologist’ in the dictionary, but technically there is one, and since Mr. Bond will be able to taste the difference between a drink prepared by one or the other, it cannot be understated.

Bartenders Post tend to work at pubs or bars known for bottled beers and drafts, and can also provide a nice gin and tonic or rum and coke. cheap jerseys But they generally don’t specialize in Long Island Ice Teas or Strawberry Lemon Drops, for which the skills and training of a mixologist are generally required.

Mixologists are cocktail innovators, preparing, mixing, blending and inventing creative libations. More schooling is required, where experimenting with ingredients and combinations of components is learned. cheap jerseys A mixologist is usually more knowledgeable about the range of cordials, syrups, 1 mixes and bitters available, and is trained to know what to mix to create a knock-out Lancement new drink.

Presentation is also a large part of the art of mixology. Using the right stemware, glasses, straws and accessories to enhance the visual appeal of the drink and wow the customer takes a special, learned flare.

If you’re a bartender and would like to add more creativity, professionalism and showmanship to your skills, mixology may be the way to shake up your career. To learn whether Bond’s martini should be shaken or stirred, contact Bartending School of From Bothell at (425) 354-7243 for bartender training and mixologist classes in greater Seattle.

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